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This cut is a new house favorite OG in the breeding stable with its short bushy structure , dank OG/chem terpenes, and extreme trichome development. Wonder Dawg male (PCK X Chem 4 Bx2) was chosen as a good candidate for breeding into this cut and as a result Shining Star was born. This hybrid really brings the gas! We are looking at a robust hybrid, bushy overall structure, great yields and loads of fire. THC ranges should commonly result in the 20% percent range with strong CBD effects on the back end ranging on average 1-3% respectively. Terpenes are of pure gas, fuel and pine with menthol tones on the back end. The flavor is pure dank matching the terpene profile immensely. Its heavy trichome development will rival any hash plant making some serious concentrates with great yields. The structure is shorter then most OG or chem lineage plants and this lady likes to branch out much like its grandparent chem 4. Great for limited space gardens or indoors. Phenotype variations will vary but mostly you will see uniform plants. Not a terrible amount of stretch and does well stand alone without screens or SCROG. Shining star phenos are extremely colorful towards the end of ripening with loads of purple and red to create a beautiful flower at harvest. Expect to be harvesting this strain around the 8 week mark but some phenos do better at 9 weeks of flowering time indoors and early October outdoors. Shining Star will definitely be a winner in anyone’s garden

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Starting bid: $150.00

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